BWIB Bootcamp

The online courses will focus on 8 essentials to get your started. If you are an established entrepreneur and are looking for ways to expand
your business acumen and opportunities, explore the video library to learn more about certifications and what this can do for your business.

Sisters in Business

Who is doing what, and how we can support those who have something to shout about. It is all about networking. On a quarterly basis, BWIB will highlight entrepreneurs who are taking their vision to the next level. To be clear, BWIB wants to showcase those who are operating small businesses, it is time to give our Sisters their due. If you would like to be considered next quarter, let us know.

Things to Know

Do you want to know what is happening in the Business Sector? Stay on top of current news and opportunities with BWIB. Do you have something to share with the BWIB Community? We are only as good as our BWIB Community, let’s talk. Contact Us.

Leveling UP

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