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The BWIB Story

B. Scottye Price, an entrepreneur for over 30 years, formed African American Women in Business in 2000.  In the early days, national conferences were hosted in Tulsa, Los Angeles, and Baltimore.  In 2010 the organization moved into an online platform.  It would be another five years while visiting Cuba,  that a young Afro Cuban entrepreneur asked,  “Is your organization only for African American women?”  The seed was planted to expand our outreach to embrace Black women throughout the diaspora.  Our goal is to be your source of information., as well as encouragement as you pursue your dreams.  Mark your calendar, this is the day you start on your path of success.    Remember to  “Hold the Vision, until you  live the dream!”  Welcome to BWIB!

BWIB Mentor Circles

One of the most powerful tools in acquiring business acumen is done by sharing your ideas with like-minded individuals.  Do you have questions about getting started or the type of company you want to start?  There is someone out there who has completed this task and may be open to sharing their experiences with you. Mentorship is more than trying to make that connection with a famous entrepreneur, it is about sharing your thoughts and experiences with others who have been there.   We suggest forming a BWIB Mentor Circle.  Two or more is all you need to get started.  Mentor circles can be great for those who are starting to hire employees, how do you hire the right person, what to do when there is a conflict? There are so many areas of support you can receive by just reaching out to those around you. What usually works for most with a very busy schedule is to meet, chat or Zoom once a month. If you already have a circle, let us know. BWIB would love to post your group on our website.

BWIB Networking

BWIB welcomes articles, blogs, events, podcasts, workshops, and information.   The BWIB Community wants to know what is happening nationally and globally.  We believe that  “Each one, teaches one.”



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