Sisters in Business

Pomaa Zenabu
Accra, Ghana, West Africa

Pomaa Zenabu is the owner of Zie’s Elegant Stich Designs. Her African fashion design outlet was established 23 years ago. She specializes in Ghanaian Couture for Men, Women, and children using traditional fabrics that may also be purchased separately. She offers both a wide selection of ready to wear garments at her store, as well as custom orders for those who are interested in a one-of-kind creation. Zie can be contacted at 233 24 429 5715 (Mobile) or +233 24 488 7755 (Ofc)

Sara Daisy Herrera Gonzalez
Havana Cuba

Sarah Daisy is an African Cuban Historian who spent her first six years after graduating with a BA in English and Literature as a classroom teacher. During the past 17 years she has focused primarily on the rich African legacy in Havana focusing on history, culture, music, and African traditions. If you are interested in the African Cuban experience, she is the go-to person. She has provided incredible services to Kola Nut Travel for the past 5 years. She can be contacted at

Cresia Green Davis
Dallas, Texas

Cresia Green is the owner of K & K Cleaning Services. Her business provides full-service cleaning for corporate housing and apartment complexes. It was established in 2018 and operates in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas.This information should go on the bottom. I would like any email address or website to be placed in a link that reads: Contact Information. She can be reached at (469) 401-6052 or

Sisters in Business 4
Monica Higgins
Los Angeles, California

Monica is the author of Remodel Success and the CEO of Garagify, a construction design company operating in the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Her firm helps homeowners turn their home equity into garage-converted apartments or backyard homes from the ground up. Her goal is to help homeowners infuse cash into their household by creating additional living space or adding a rental to their property. She is also launching video training programs for those that are located nationally and internationally. For additional information click here:

Mel Adu
Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Mel started Editora Ogum publishing company with a small collective of African Brazilians who were tired of working from a paradigm of giving explanations for the existence of African people in the Diaspora, Ogum was founded to publish Black writers from Brazil and the African diaspora. Since it opened its doors they have published a number of books and are able to publish literary works within two years. For Additional Information go to

Ms. Lottie
Los Angeles, California

Ms. Lottie’s Cornbread Mix began as a home-based small business 5 years ago. Her famous cornbread takes the fuss out of making perfect, light, and fluffy cornbread every time. Her mix is affordable and it tastes like the kind your grandmother makes. Each plastic sealed can make a batch of delicious cornbread of 12 servings. For additional information go to

Damali Afrikan Wear
Damali Afrikan Wear - Maryland

Brenda Winstead, a self-taught designer, is the owner of Damali Afrikan Wear. She has created an exquisite clothing line of African Couture garments for both men and women for over two decades. Damali Afrikan Wear is never quite the same, usually offered in a limited edition or one-of-a-kind. Brenda obtains her materials directly from the Motherland, where she frequently travels to meet with artisans of weaving, dyes, and textiles. In her own words, she inspires us all, “These collaborations allow me to combine fabrics from different cultures in new ways. I hope the spirits of these great cultures will blend and empower those who wear my garments. Damali represents that spirit. We design for it. We celebrate it.” Contact Damali-

Reverend Ruth Lemon
Los Angeles

Reverend Ruth Lemon has been a Spiritual Practitioner and Minister for over three decades and a self-employed entrepreneur for over 40 years. She is known for her Annual Red Tent holistic and spiritual event that attracts women of all ages. Ruth is also a motivational speaker. She hosts Beauty Shop Talk for women and Lemonade on Facebook for both men and women. She has currently completed the production of her Immunity products. Immunity is a product line that utilizes essential oils for health and wholeness. In January 2021, she will offer Living Your Best Life, a 6-week course. For additional information: call 323.599-2020 or on Lemon.